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MSF Holland Association

Welcome to the MSF Holland Association!

The role of the association is to act as a counter-point to the executive: to ask the tough, critical questions concerning the direction in which the organisation is moving and to weigh the decisions made at the executive level against the principles & identity of MSF. Through the associative dimension, MSF is called-upon to constantly examine its own actions against the backdrop of self-determined values, ensuring we never stray too far from our goals or purpose.

The associative structure of MSF is essential to create and sustain MSF as a grass roots organisation.


The MSF Holland Association

The MSF Holland Association is formed by its members. All current and former MSF staff can become a member of the Association. It does not matter if you worked in the MSF office, in the field as an expat or as national staff. Joining the MSF-Holland Association means you become a co-owner of the MSF Holland Association. Membership means you can show and exercise your individual commitment to humanitarian action and keep MSF true to its mission.

If you are a current MSF or former MSF staff member we invite you to join the Association by completing the online application form. Please click on the button on the right

Would you like to know more about the MSF Holland Association? Please contact us via the contact link below.